“You have been and always shall be my friend.”

Ever since I briefly wrote about my sci-fi roots a few days ago, and also because the series of “original” Star Trek movies has been playing on HBO since Christmas, I have been thinking about watching “Star Trek (2009) directed by J. J. Abrams“. Early this morning, I turned it on.

This is one of my favorite movies and it sits in a short stack of movies on top of my Blu-ray player.  I have watched it countless times since watching it for the first time after purchasing it on dvd.  I did not see it in the theatres, but strangely my daughter who knows virtually nothing about Star Trek did, and loved it. 

I do recollect seeing at least some of the other films in the theatre, I specifically remember seeing “The Wrath of Kahn” and I believe, the 4th which was about the humpback whales.  I also watched some of the tv series at home.  I do not consider myself to be anywhere near a Star Trek expert.  It is more the case that i know enough to be dangerous.

So as a Star Trek fan of this caliber, I love this film.  The music is wonderful throughout, and I love this explanation of how the enterprise crew met.  There are enough cheeky nods to the other movies and interesting moments that provide reasons for the characters development to keep me smiling through the entire film.

The cast selection was perfect and I’ve looked for and watched many of the lead characters in other films.  Chris Pine in the disappointing, “Unstoppable”, John Cho in the sadly short-lived tv series, “Flash Forward” and I saw the film, “Whats your Number” in the theatre to catch a quick glimpse of Zachary Quinto, which was not enough for me.

I have to admit that the emergence of Spock as a romantic lead is fascinating.  I love that Spock gets the girl in this film! I want more and sadly every time I look for the release date of the sequel to this film it is pushed back.  IMDB now shows a vague 2013 release.

When the credits rolled I was surprised to see some names that I didn’t remember seeing in the film.  Eric Bana, who I loved in , “Troy”?  I had no idea he was the villain in this film.  Also Simon Pegg, Winona Ryder?  I credit the costume / make-up as well as acting ability.   

Special features on this version of the DVD are great.  There is a gag reel included that I have watched a few times as well as the usual director commentary.  All worth watching.


3 thoughts on ““You have been and always shall be my friend.”

  1. I’ve been a Star Trek fan as long as I can remember; I used to watch the original series on Sunday nights as a kid (re-runs, obviously), then when ST:TNG came out I was a total fiend about it. In my high school year book, the quote which I inflicted on everyone was “…all good things”. (the title of the very last ST:TNG episode which aired when I was a senior.) I never got into Deep Space Nine or the other spin-offs. I think this is because they really weren’t about the Enterprise or the characters that I grew to love so much. I watched all the films, too…over and over and over…

    The Chris Pine “Kirk” is believable. Everything about the newest Star Trek (2009) is believable. My kids love this movie, also, and I think the camera work has something to do with it. It was filmed with FILM instead of digital magic and the whole movie has an organic quality to it. The characters are amazingly lovable. The music is spot-on. The action is…ACTION! There’s a kiss, a laugh or two, and fireworks. …everything a good movie needs. (and my oldest son had to be convinced that stealing a car and throwing it off a cliff is NOT EVER a good idea…I’m not sure he believes me…)

    The success of this movie is due to the characters and their relationships with one another. They make us CARE about them…we LOVED them already, but now we get to know them and really find that we’d like to share a pint.

    Thanks for blogging about such a wonderful (and chat worthy!) subject! Cheers!


    1. thank you for your comment!

      I have continued to think about the film and what makes it so darn likable to me since I finished my post.

      There were more things I wanted to mention that I liked about the film but my post would be really long.

      I totally agree with you about the believability. Even the first time I saw the film, I didn’t question any of it, except for that early scene with kirk stealing the car which I will mention in a minute.

      I really enjoyed the scenes with Kirk & Bones and how their relationship developed…the series of injections was one of my favorites. After watching it, It makes the older films better for me cause now I think, “ok no wonder they are such good friends!” I am seriously in awe of writers that can make me feel that way.

      One comment about Pine being believable as Kirk is how he sat cross legged in the Captains chair in his closing scene. Just felt so Kirk-y to me.

      Since you are more of a Star Trek fan than I am I will ask you about the car stealing scene. A few things I questioned about it were:

      – where was he going in the car? I always felt like Kirk broke rules because he knew he was right. This seemed like a pointless joyride which I didn’t really understand. Maybe they just wanted to show that he was a delinquent but I didn’t totally get it.
      – his step-dad seemed like a schmuck. From the little we saw of Kirk’s mom, I didn’t see her as the kind of person who would marry a schmuck. I mean his first Dad was so cool…

      It occurs to me that these are scenes that point to things I’m not aware of from the previous stories….or maybe I just missed the point, or am reading too much into it. If you have thoughts I’d love to hear them.

      Thanks again for your comment. I really enjoyed reading it.


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