Here comes the spam

About a year ago, I got a strange email at my super secret only for real people email address. It was a confirmation of my bridal appointment at David’s Bridal. Imagine my surprise since I had not either made the appointment or become engaged. Upon further examination, I found that the intended recipient was someone with a similar name to mine. I thought it was kinda funny at the time..

A week later it had become clear that this bride to be had set up an email address to use for her wedding planning and clearly forgotten what it was since she was passing mine out to every photographer, bakery and venue in her lovely hometown in Indiana. I also got a glimpse of her engagement photos, and baby pictures…whoops cart before the horse there tsk tsk, thanks to the links they sent me from j.c. penny. Thanks Lacie! I feel like I can call her by her first name now since we are clearly bff’s.

As you can imagine, I was becoming a little irritated at this point since the partner emails had started to roll in. Hey Lacie, we got your email address from david’s bridal and thought you might like to attend our bride-a-palooza… etc. Oh also around this time, Lacie started shopping for cars. I know this because of the many emails I started receiving from carmax. How handy is it that they email you anytime cars that are similar to one you testdrove show up in their inventory!

I started unsubscibing to every email. Seriously. I had kept this email address virtually spam-free for several years and I was close to stomping my feet every time I got another Lacie-spam. Arrgh! I looked her up on facebook. Yep there she is, recognize her from her baby, but of course it is locked, not even messages allowed from strangers (really are we still strangers?)

That week I also received her contract to the venue where she would be having her blessed event and it was only in 2 months! At this point I felt like showing up and letting her know how I felt about receiving all of these emails. When Lacie didn’t respond to the contract email, (since she didn’t get it!!) I received about 8 emails from the venue to gently remind her to sign the contract and return it with the deposit. I thought about responding to the email and relating some story about how my fiance had run off with my mother and we wouldn’t be needing the venue after all, but somehow I resisted the urge and just let it go.

After this the wedding emails dropped off. Had they finally figured it out? Had the wedding been called off? I thought about this for mere seconds before resuming my life. However, I still receive an email about once a month regarding Lacie’s wedding. A survey of some kind, a request for a referral, maybe the divorce atty emails will start soon? For now, raise a glass with me and drink to the loss of my spam free email address. It was good while it lasted.


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