The Scarycrow

We have newish neighbors living next door and this is the first year we’ve had the opportunity to view their halloween decorations. They went up about a week ago and they looked more fallish then halloween. Fountains of fall leaves, hay bales, and a scarecrow. The scarecrow faces the street and is very close to the property line so out my front door, I see the back of the scarecrow from about the waist up, in front of my bushes.

I’m not sure if its just because he’s about the height and shape of a person, but I keep catching the darn thing out of the corner of my eye and think its a person lurking there in the bushes. I think that since it went up it has startled me at least ten times. My daughter has also complained about it scaring her, and my dog barks at it on a regular basis.

So what to do. Talk to the neighbors like regular civilized people or make plans for the secret demise of the scarecrow. We choose the latter. Under cover of night we will strike! It might be a grab and bag, or a drive by but one way or another that creepy scarecrow is going down!


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