McDonald’s Casanova

There is a guy that works at a McDonalds by my house who views his job at McDonands differently than any other fast food employee I’ve ever seen.

Instead of merely dispensing delicious high calorie meals, he attempts to inject a little thrill into my day.

I know he means well, but… let me give you a little taste of him.

I order my food and pull up to the window, and there he is.

Him: hiiiii Miss! How are you!
Occasionally before the gasp he waits behind the closed window so he can pop out and give me a special surprise.

I waver between feelings of amusement and creeped outedness. Typically it’s the latter.

I know I’m not special and every woman gets this treatment, which makes it even more amazing.

I’ve definitely cut down on my large diet coke runs since some days I just can’t