Jurassic World… some thoughts…with spoilers.

Finally got to see Jurassic world and I enjoyed the film. I liked the homage paid to the previous films including the soundtrack as well as the scene where they found the old part of the park even thought I thought it was a little strange that it would be there, undisturbed.

I didn’t like the whole set up of the parents, including Judy Greer who has moved up from her role as quirky best friend to mom, who are sending their kids away for a “family” vacation with their aunt who hasn’t seen them in 7 years, to get divorced. What a nice surprise that would be for the kids to come home to!

We meet the two boys, the older one, who has a gf, yet stares at every teen girl he sees, and the young lovable shaggy-haired dinosaur buff. I thought this might come in handy but didn’t really since the main dino causing problems was genetically engineered.

We meet uptight Claire, the boys aunt who is a cross between Marion the librarian and Joan Wilder. She can’t bother to meet them at the airport since she is so busy running Jurassic park and teetering around in her heels and white silk skirt and blouse.  Soon after we meet Owen, the alpha Chris Pratt male, who she refers to as Mr. so-and-so. We find out they dated but it didn’t end well, obviously because he’s a man’s man and she’s uptight.

When things start to go down, he insults her outfit and shoes. so she ties up her top but continues to teeter around in heels…through the mud. Seriously, any woman who wears heels knows how darned expensive those things are and would have kept a cute pair of boots in the jeep. Not Claire, who insists on wearing those natural colored heels till the end.

The entire military set-up was bizarre and unbelievable and I liked Vincent D’Onofrio better when he was wearing his Edgar suit.

Predictably, and despite any chemistry between the two leads, they end up together at the end. (?)

Overall, I liked the film and the dinosaur stuff was very cool. Am I terrible for wanting a story and believable, real, characters to go along with the dino’s chasing people around? Sigh.