Jurassic World… some thoughts…with spoilers.

Finally got to see Jurassic world and I enjoyed the film. I liked the homage paid to the previous films including the soundtrack as well as the scene where they found the old part of the park even thought I thought it was a little strange that it would be there, undisturbed.

I didn’t like the whole set up of the parents, including Judy Greer who has moved up from her role as quirky best friend to mom, who are sending their kids away for a “family” vacation with their aunt who hasn’t seen them in 7 years, to get divorced. What a nice surprise that would be for the kids to come home to!

We meet the two boys, the older one, who has a gf, yet stares at every teen girl he sees, and the young lovable shaggy-haired dinosaur buff. I thought this might come in handy but didn’t really since the main dino causing problems was genetically engineered.

We meet uptight Claire, the boys aunt who is a cross between Marion the librarian and Joan Wilder. She can’t bother to meet them at the airport since she is so busy running Jurassic park and teetering around in her heels and white silk skirt and blouse.  Soon after we meet Owen, the alpha Chris Pratt male, who she refers to as Mr. so-and-so. We find out they dated but it didn’t end well, obviously because he’s a man’s man and she’s uptight.

When things start to go down, he insults her outfit and shoes. so she ties up her top but continues to teeter around in heels…through the mud. Seriously, any woman who wears heels knows how darned expensive those things are and would have kept a cute pair of boots in the jeep. Not Claire, who insists on wearing those natural colored heels till the end.

The entire military set-up was bizarre and unbelievable and I liked Vincent D’Onofrio better when he was wearing his Edgar suit.

Predictably, and despite any chemistry between the two leads, they end up together at the end. (?)

Overall, I liked the film and the dinosaur stuff was very cool. Am I terrible for wanting a story and believable, real, characters to go along with the dino’s chasing people around? Sigh.


McDonald’s Casanova

There is a guy that works at a McDonalds by my house who views his job at McDonands differently than any other fast food employee I’ve ever seen.

Instead of merely dispensing delicious high calorie meals, he attempts to inject a little thrill into my day.

I know he means well, but… let me give you a little taste of him.

I order my food and pull up to the window, and there he is.

Him: hiiiii Miss! How are you!
Occasionally before the gasp he waits behind the closed window so he can pop out and give me a special surprise.

I waver between feelings of amusement and creeped outedness. Typically it’s the latter.

I know I’m not special and every woman gets this treatment, which makes it even more amazing.

I’ve definitely cut down on my large diet coke runs since some days I just can’t

The Scarycrow

We have newish neighbors living next door and this is the first year we’ve had the opportunity to view their halloween decorations. They went up about a week ago and they looked more fallish then halloween. Fountains of fall leaves, hay bales, and a scarecrow. The scarecrow faces the street and is very close to the property line so out my front door, I see the back of the scarecrow from about the waist up, in front of my bushes.

I’m not sure if its just because he’s about the height and shape of a person, but I keep catching the darn thing out of the corner of my eye and think its a person lurking there in the bushes. I think that since it went up it has startled me at least ten times. My daughter has also complained about it scaring her, and my dog barks at it on a regular basis.

So what to do. Talk to the neighbors like regular civilized people or make plans for the secret demise of the scarecrow. We choose the latter. Under cover of night we will strike! It might be a grab and bag, or a drive by but one way or another that creepy scarecrow is going down!

Here comes the spam

About a year ago, I got a strange email at my super secret only for real people email address. It was a confirmation of my bridal appointment at David’s Bridal. Imagine my surprise since I had not either made the appointment or become engaged. Upon further examination, I found that the intended recipient was someone with a similar name to mine. I thought it was kinda funny at the time..

A week later it had become clear that this bride to be had set up an email address to use for her wedding planning and clearly forgotten what it was since she was passing mine out to every photographer, bakery and venue in her lovely hometown in Indiana. I also got a glimpse of her engagement photos, and baby pictures…whoops cart before the horse there tsk tsk, thanks to the links they sent me from j.c. penny. Thanks Lacie! I feel like I can call her by her first name now since we are clearly bff’s.

As you can imagine, I was becoming a little irritated at this point since the partner emails had started to roll in. Hey Lacie, we got your email address from david’s bridal and thought you might like to attend our bride-a-palooza… etc. Oh also around this time, Lacie started shopping for cars. I know this because of the many emails I started receiving from carmax. How handy is it that they email you anytime cars that are similar to one you testdrove show up in their inventory!

I started unsubscibing to every email. Seriously. I had kept this email address virtually spam-free for several years and I was close to stomping my feet every time I got another Lacie-spam. Arrgh! I looked her up on facebook. Yep there she is, recognize her from her baby, but of course it is locked, not even messages allowed from strangers (really are we still strangers?)

That week I also received her contract to the venue where she would be having her blessed event and it was only in 2 months! At this point I felt like showing up and letting her know how I felt about receiving all of these emails. When Lacie didn’t respond to the contract email, (since she didn’t get it!!) I received about 8 emails from the venue to gently remind her to sign the contract and return it with the deposit. I thought about responding to the email and relating some story about how my fiance had run off with my mother and we wouldn’t be needing the venue after all, but somehow I resisted the urge and just let it go.

After this the wedding emails dropped off. Had they finally figured it out? Had the wedding been called off? I thought about this for mere seconds before resuming my life. However, I still receive an email about once a month regarding Lacie’s wedding. A survey of some kind, a request for a referral, maybe the divorce atty emails will start soon? For now, raise a glass with me and drink to the loss of my spam free email address. It was good while it lasted.

Whats on TV

With trepidation, I once again start watching a few of this years new tv shows.  Why the trepidation, you ask?  Two words… Flash Forward.

I loved this show, I’ve met several others who also loved this show and were devastated by its premature departure from this world.  Since then, I haven’t wanted to start watching new shows only to have them disappear to a place where I will never know what happened to these people

So far I’m watching…

Chicago Fire. – This is mostly because I heart Jesse Spencer.  It was a little strange at first to hear him without his aussie accent, but it is growing on me.  I will continue to watch just for him 🙂

Nashville –  Again, I’m watching to support Tammy Taylor.  Connie plays a very similar character to her character in Friday Night Lights.  Still likable, still watching.

Elementary!  – Johnny Lee Miller, hello!  Yes, of course I’m watching this.  Also enjoyed the bbc series Sherlock which left me wanting more and here it is~

The Mindy Project – Funny, but trying not to get too attached.  I have heard this one is already on the chopping block.  sad.

New shows I’ve already stopped watching —

666 Park Avenue.  Too scary for me.  The elevator chomping incident was more than I could take.  bye bye.

Revolution – you had me and then you lost me.  I liked it at first and then I found myself checking my twitter and facebook during the show.  nuff said.

Older shows I’m still watching:  New Girl, Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal, Once Upon a Time, Survivor, The Voice, America’s Next Top Model (don’t judge)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower .. or Tales of the Severly Traumatized

Friday night, I saw the Perks of Being a Wallflower.  I’m still not sure if I liked it or not.  One thing is for certain, I know of no high school around that houses a group of such messed up kids.  There were some good moments, but at times it seemed like they were just zinging Breakfast Club type lines back and forth instead of having a real conversation.

One of the best characters was Dylan McDermott as the dad.  He had some of the funniest lines and was only on camera for a brief time.  Married to him was Kate Walsh, who I had a hard time believing was the mother of a college student named Derek.  Didn’t I just see her on Tuesday as the mother of an infant with an ex-husband named Derek?

A few accent issues with Hermione, I mean Emma Watson but that didn’t bother me as much as it did my moviemates.

Overall, the popcorn was tastier than the movie.  I had a nice time but I think this was a bit too much of a crazy ride (pun intended) for a repeat viewing

“You have been and always shall be my friend.”

Ever since I briefly wrote about my sci-fi roots a few days ago, and also because the series of “original” Star Trek movies has been playing on HBO since Christmas, I have been thinking about watching “Star Trek (2009) directed by J. J. Abrams“. Early this morning, I turned it on.

This is one of my favorite movies and it sits in a short stack of movies on top of my Blu-ray player.  I have watched it countless times since watching it for the first time after purchasing it on dvd.  I did not see it in the theatres, but strangely my daughter who knows virtually nothing about Star Trek did, and loved it. 

I do recollect seeing at least some of the other films in the theatre, I specifically remember seeing “The Wrath of Kahn” and I believe, the 4th which was about the humpback whales.  I also watched some of the tv series at home.  I do not consider myself to be anywhere near a Star Trek expert.  It is more the case that i know enough to be dangerous.

So as a Star Trek fan of this caliber, I love this film.  The music is wonderful throughout, and I love this explanation of how the enterprise crew met.  There are enough cheeky nods to the other movies and interesting moments that provide reasons for the characters development to keep me smiling through the entire film.

The cast selection was perfect and I’ve looked for and watched many of the lead characters in other films.  Chris Pine in the disappointing, “Unstoppable”, John Cho in the sadly short-lived tv series, “Flash Forward” and I saw the film, “Whats your Number” in the theatre to catch a quick glimpse of Zachary Quinto, which was not enough for me.

I have to admit that the emergence of Spock as a romantic lead is fascinating.  I love that Spock gets the girl in this film! I want more and sadly every time I look for the release date of the sequel to this film it is pushed back.  IMDB now shows a vague 2013 release.

When the credits rolled I was surprised to see some names that I didn’t remember seeing in the film.  Eric Bana, who I loved in , “Troy”?  I had no idea he was the villain in this film.  Also Simon Pegg, Winona Ryder?  I credit the costume / make-up as well as acting ability.   

Special features on this version of the DVD are great.  There is a gag reel included that I have watched a few times as well as the usual director commentary.  All worth watching.


Today I saw Hugo in 3D.

It was an enjoyable movie but I didn’t find it to be spectacular.

This could be because of one of the following reasons.

1)  I saw so many reviews saying it was the best darn movie they ever did see, that perhaps my expectations were too high.

2) I felt the movie was not really about the little boy and took a long time getting to the real story

3) The 14 year old next to me that really wanted to see Tin-Tin and kept leaning over to me and whispering very quietly, “This movie sucks so much.”, giving me anxiety thinking that at some point he was going to want to leave, plus, if you can imagine, kinda taking me out of the movie.  I should have gone by myself.

kindle touch and amazon

recently I became the proud owner of a kindle touch.  Yay!  I have wanted a kindle for years but something else always took priority.  Its not as if I neeeeded it or anything but with the recent price cuts I decided it was time to treat myself. 

Since there are so many kindles out it took me a while to decide which one I wanted.  I am usually a fan of a keyboard, (still love my blackberry with keyboard) so I had planned on getting a kindle keyboard 3g until I read a review that included a comparison of a kindle keyboard and a kindle touch.  I also went to target where they had both and played with them a little.  To be honest, I don’t really remember why I decided to go with the kindle touch, but there were reasons!  If you are also in a quandry on which to purchase, I advise you to check out the amazon reviews. 

I went with the model that has wi-fi and special offers.  I decided to go with wi-fi since in the above mentioned reviews, it was mentioned that the only thing you can use the 3g for is going to amazon and the kindle store.  On previous versions you could use the free 3g to go on a slow-but-in-desperate-times-better-than-nothing, browser.  I always wanted that but really I have my phone for that and i don’t travel much…sadly… Along with this feature, the 3g also adds weight.  Not much but its enough for something I probably wouldn’t ever use. 

I should say that holding the kindle touch is nice.  it is lighter than an average paperback.  This is nice for someone who mostly reads in bed.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been rudely awakened by a book falling onto my chest/face.  Not the most pleasant way of being woken up.

I wasn’t going to get the kindle with special offers either until I read about them in the same reviews.  I had not previously realized that the ads, which are really just stationary coupons as they do not flash or move, are not visible when you read.  There is a small ad on the bottom of the “home” screen and then if you want to view the rest of the offers, which you will, you click on menu and then go to special offers. 

I am now quite addicted to looking at the special offers.  I have woken up and noticed my kindle and turned it on to see if there were new offers.  They automatically download to the kindle when it is connected to wifi.  Some of the offers I’ve seen in the month since I’ve owned it are:

a mystery book from a selection of about 100 books for $1
a free audiobook of Rob Lowe’s autobiography (Who doesn’t like Rob Lowe?)
Some groupon type deals on hotels, giftbaskets, etc.
Ads for movies
Amazon coupons for things unrelated to books

Also, a big decision for me in purchasing the special offers kindle was that if you decide you no longer want the special offers, you can pay $40 and “upgrade” to the ad-free version.  This is the same amount you would have paid to have the ads free version in the first place.  So why not try it, eh?

When I was purchasing my kindle an offer popped up from audible.com stating you could get the kindle touch for free if you signed up for their gold program for 1 year.  I believe this program was 15 bucks a month.  I did the math and finally decided not to sign up for this program.  I think that with this program you were able to get one “free” audio book per month, and really I get all my audiobooks free from the library anyway, and there hasn’t been one yet that I’ve been compelled to listen to again so why would I need to own them?  However, if you are thinking of buying a kindle and do purchase audiobooks this might be a good deal for you.

Lastly, a little bit about amazon.  I am addicted.  Whatever.  I am a Prime, student, member although i am currently receiving a free 1 month real deal prime membership since I also purchased a kindle fire for my son for Christmas.  Theres some free streaming movies and you can borrow one kindle book a month with the real prime membership versus my freebie prime student membership but  I haven’t used any of these benefits. 

I did almost all of my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year.  I ordered a few things from best buy online for store pickup since I am cheap and refuse to pay for shipping except in dire circumstances.  But really other than that and some things I picked up at Target while I was doing my normal shopping, it was amazon all the way.  I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to shop this way.  it is cheaper and you get this lovely pile of brown packages* delivered to your doorstep, for free!

*My dog often wonders why I don’t feel the same excitement for the presents he leaves but we are working on this.