Things I’m currently thinking about…

Artwork!  I recently listened to steve martin’s latest novel, “An Object of Beauty” and ever since then I’ve just been very interested in art.  I remembered seeing a Bravo tv series, “Work of Art” last year and handily enough it was just starting the second season  (Go Sucklord!).  Loved this.  I am not an artist, I wish I was, I’m not.  So I am very interested in those that can create these works of art.

Yoga, meditation, spirituality, eating!  Another audiobook I recently listened to was “Eat, Pray, Love.”  I thought the book itself was “ok” but these themes did ring through and I did want to take some months off and travel to new and distant places.  Admitedly, I haven’t taken a single step towards doing any of these things, except for eating (haha) I am inspired to try these things and hope to do so in the not so distant future.