DVD’s I got for Christmas

So I’ve had a few days off for work so I decided that on one of these days I would watch all the DVD’s I had received for Christmas.  Yay for sloth!

I should mention that I requested all of these…

I made it through 3 and then I watched the free online version of a movie I had bought for my mom on Amazon 🙂

First… I had to watch “Flash Gordon”  Yes this is the Sam J. Jones version with an extra special appearance of Timothy Dalton in tights.  I love this movie.  Many years ago I actually stole the vhs version from my moms house that we had taped from tv.  Please do not tell her.  i might or might not return it now.  Anyway, I realized recently that I do have to classify myself as somewhat of a sci-fi geek since when I tried to think of things I really liked as a kid/teen, many of them were sci-fi movies/tv.  (Hello Buck Rogers 😉 ) However I’ve never seen Dr. Who and have no idea what that phone box thing is for.   Anyhow back to flash (Ah-ahh).  It has great music/soundtrack by Queen, and I find it just delightful.  I was amazed to watch one of the special features that declared it as a “cult classic”  I could swear I was the only one who liked this film.  Who knew?

Next I moved on to , “Persuasion”  This classic Jane Austen story was lovely to watch, but I may never watch it again.  It was , “ok”  I had never seen it before and expected to be swept away similar to the first time I watched the BBC miniseries of “Price & Prejudice”  (By swept away I mean compelled to watch it over and over obsessively and continually for the next 5 years)

Moving on to “Penelope”  I love this film.  I have seen it over and over on HBO and after HBO recently removed it from its rotation I decided I needed to own it.  Its a sweet, romantic fairy tale with Christina Ricci and James McAvoy.  I love James McAvoy in this, and perhaps this film ruined me for any of his future performances.  I saw the x-men thing he was recently in and really couldn’t stand his portrayal of Professor X.  It just seemed weird to me, and maybe its just because I’ve watched Penelope so many times I just wanted him to be who he was in the pig-nose movie.

After this, I watched the free online copy of, “Music and Lyrics”.  I had purchased this for my Mom who is also a fan of the romantic comedy.  She hadn’t seen it and although I knew it would be a bit PG-13 for her, I risked it and hopefully she liked it.  I enjoy and own many Hugh Grant dvd’s.  (“Two weeks notice”, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” “Sense and Sensibility” yum.. )  Anyhow, I’m a fan and this one does not disappoint.  I also own this dvd, but my daughter stole it and took it to college.  Rude!   Someday, I will either get it back or just buy a new one. 

Movies I also received but remain wrapped:

“Outbreak.”  This has also been on HBO and I have watched parts of it on several occasions this month.  Give me another month or so and I’m sure it will be in the rotation.  I enjoy this film a lot.  I usually don’t like suspense.  Those types of movies give me anxiety.  I seriously feel pain in my stomach.  Hurry up and get the thing and go to the place so it will all be ok.  No.  I get way too wrapped up in it and it gives me physical pain.  Sooo, I tend to avoid.  On that note, this film has some of that, but it doesn’t bother me.  Maybe it is because I’ve seen it so many times?  But I enjoy it.  Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and a very funny appearance in a not supposed to be funny sort of way, by Partrick Dempsey.

Lastly, “Reality Bites” also hasn ‘t made it to the blu-ray player (Yes I have a blu-ray player which I play all these dvd’s on because I’m cheap and really don’t notice any difference)  Same kind of thing.  This has been on HBO or Encore, one of those and i’ve watched it.  Love Winona Ryder, Love, Ethan Hawke before he got all chubby and less good-looking.  Love the 80’s theme and jokes about the gap.  Very fun.

So there you have it!  My list of DVD’s I received for Christmas, 2011.


I want to buy a zoo!

Went and saw, “We bought a Zoo”.  Loved it!  I cried, which is usual, but it wasn’t so sad or emotional that I thought they were going for cheap and easy tactics to force an emotional moment.  Loved the little girl.  She was adorable.  Enjoyed Matt Damon as a dad. 

Recommend and I will enjoy seeing this again in the future.

Things I’m currently thinking about…

Artwork!  I recently listened to steve martin’s latest novel, “An Object of Beauty” and ever since then I’ve just been very interested in art.  I remembered seeing a Bravo tv series, “Work of Art” last year and handily enough it was just starting the second season  (Go Sucklord!).  Loved this.  I am not an artist, I wish I was, I’m not.  So I am very interested in those that can create these works of art.

Yoga, meditation, spirituality, eating!  Another audiobook I recently listened to was “Eat, Pray, Love.”  I thought the book itself was “ok” but these themes did ring through and I did want to take some months off and travel to new and distant places.  Admitedly, I haven’t taken a single step towards doing any of these things, except for eating (haha) I am inspired to try these things and hope to do so in the not so distant future.

A little about me

I love a good story.  I tend to be drawn to romantic stories, and avoid tales where everything goes wrong… but I also like a wide variety of other genres.

I go to the movies a few times a month, read constantly on my new kindle (yay!) listen to audiobooks when I’m driving, watch a few shows on the tv, and attend plays and live music when I can.

I cry at most movies!  You’ve been warned.

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Hi there, future readers.

I am a huge fan of stories in many forms.  Movies, books, plays, musicals, tv shows, artwork, and so on.  I decided to create a blog to write about the stories I am reading or seeing.  Please feel free to share your comments